A lack of systemic understanding coupled with the unique stressors communities of color face has led to marginalized and under served populations of sexual violence survivors.  Stressors include a history of racism and harm caused by institutions designed to support survivors.  Therefore, survivors of color may feel that they will not be treated with respect and/or understanding of their unique needs when they report violence.

CVRC staff are committed to serving communities of color by meeting students where they are in their healing journey and providing free and confidential, culturally competent and affirming services.

Survivors of color

African American Women

Native American Women

LGBTQ Survivors of Color

Men of Color

  • Male Survivor – Provides resources and educational information about sexual violence against males. Offers healing resources and links survivors to find online support and mental health professional services.
  • 1 in 6 – Organization aimed to support male survivors of sexual violence and abuse as well as family members, partners, and friends of survivors. Offers online peer support group, 24/7 online support line, resources and trainings for professionals and organizations.
  • The Bristlecone Project – A project and awareness initiative created by 1 in 6 that portray the reality and hope of male survivors of sexual assault and abuse. Offers 24/7 confidential online support line.

Latinx Survivors

Asian/ Pacific Islander Survivors


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