Folks who identify as LGBTQ+ may have concerns about reporting an incident of violence due to homophobia, queerphobia, biphobia, and transphobia from law enforcement, service providers, campus officials, and even advocates.  All LGBTQ+ survivors have a right to affirming and supportive resources at the Campus Violence Response Center (CVRC).

Kate Rawson, the LGBTQ+ Advocacy and Training Coordinator for the CVRC, is available for all students who need advocacy support.  Additionally, all staff in the CVRC have been trained in Safe Zone, Safe Zone 2, and Trans Zone with additional training provided by Kate to assist in building the capacity of all staff to provide affirming and supportive advocacy and counseling service to LGBTQ+ survivors.

CVRC staff are committed to serving LGBTQ+ survivors by providing accessible, free, culturally competent, and confidential advocacy and direct services to all survivors and their allies.


Gender Diversity

The CVRC, in collaboration with the Gender Diversity Working Group, is committed to affirming the lives of and promoting social justice for Trans* and Non-Binary people. We have created a comprehensive toolkit to support gender diverse students, located here:


Resources for LGBTQ+ Survivors

FORGE National Transgender Anti-Violence Organization

National Coalition for Anti-Violence Programs (LGBTQ+ Victim Hotline) 1-212-714-1141

The Network la Red

Love is Respect Hotline- 1-866-331-9474

National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance

Trans People of Color Coalition:



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